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The Atwater High School Agriculture Department and Atwater FFA’s primary goal is to lead, assist, encourage, and motivate students towards premier leadership, academic achievement, personal growth, and career success.

We are committed to make a positive difference in the lives of young people through the variety of resources and opportunities agriculture education and the FFA have to offer.

We believe agriculture education has tremendous value and opportunity for all students and invite them to take advantage of the numerous opportunities and experiences that has made the Atwater High School agriculture program one of the most productive programs throughout the state and nation.


(LEFT) The Ag Mechanics, Horticulture, Land, Milk Quality & Dairy Foods, and Small Engines teams joined over 1400 registered FFA members from all over California for the Merced College Field Day! "Click Here"


(RIGHT) The 13th annual Atwater FFA "Bowling" Meeting took place earlier this month. Everyone "had a ball" and most people were "spared" ........., "Click Here"!

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 "Burrito Bingo" Meeting

   FFA Spring Plant Sale



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"Thank You" to all the community businesses for their continued support of the Atwater FFA program!

$8000 was donated by the ocal busineses in support of the 900 agriculture students! Click below.

April 14, 2015


The annual FFA "Burrito Bingo" Meeting will take place at Atwater High School on Tuesday, April 14th.


More information will be available in April!


Fri/Sat, May 8th/9th


The annual Atwater FFA Plant Sale is scheduled for Friday/Saturday, May 8th and 9th at the Atwater High School Agriculture Department.


Numerous fruit/shade trees, annual, and perennials will be available. More information posted in April!

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