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The Atwater High School Agriculture Department and Atwater FFA’s primary goal is to lead, assist, encourage, and motivate students towards premier leadership, academic achievement, personal growth, and career success.

We are committed to make a positive difference in the lives of young people through the variety of resources and opportunities agriculture education and the FFA have to offer.

We believe agriculture education has tremendous value and opportunity for all students and invite them to take advantage of the numerous opportunities and experiences that has made the Atwater High School agriculture program one of the most productive programs throughout the state and nation.


The Atwater High School Agriculture Department would like to welcome evryone to the upcoming 2014 - 2015 school year! The department staff (left photo) includes Ms. West, Mr. Gossman, Ms. Macintosh, Mr. Meredith, Ms. Perry, Ms. Ioimo, Mr. Flatt, and Ms. Borba. The Atwater FFA Chapter Officer team (right photo) includes Daryl Dorsey, Amber Miller, Joseph Kamesch, Madison Hall, Juan Hernandez, Jasmin Flores, and Courtney Creighton. This year's theme is "Atwater FFA ... We're the REAL deal!"

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Placemat Ad Fundraiser


Over $7000 was raised through our 2013-2014 Placemat Ad fundraiser at the beginning of the year. Click the "More Info" button to support the 2014-2015 school year!

Thursday, September 18th


Tickets for the 1st "Atwater FFA Take-Out BBQ" of the school year are on sale NOW! Sales end Sept. 12th.

Click below for more details!


Atwater FFA Jackets


Click the "More Info" below for the Atwater FFA Jacket Order Form. Deadline to place order and turn in forms is Monday, September 15th.

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