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Mr. Dan Flatt

Wood Shop, Small Engines and Power Mechanics Instructor
FFA, Poultry, and Ag Mechanics Advisor

Birth Place:  Carthage, TN
Hometown:  Visalia, CA
Current Residence:  Atwater, CA

Family: Wife (Susan), son (Colby), and daughter (Kendall)

High School: Redwood High School (1985 Alumni)

Education / Career Highlights:

Fresno Pacific College
B.A. Degree in Natural Science and Chemistry
and Teaching Credential

Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo 
M.S. Degree in Agriculture Science

4 years as Residence Director-Fresno Pacific College

3 years Ag Teacher in Firebaugh
Shop Skills, Welding, Ornamental Horticulture, and Farm Management

Atwater High School Agriculture Instructor Since: 2000-2001 school year

Favorite Movie: "Days of Thunder"

Sports/Hobbies: All water sports, fishing, hunting, dirt bike riding and wood working

Song That Would Pump Me Up: “Kick Start My Heart” – Motley Crue

Favorite Book (of late): “Persuader” by Lee Child.

Hollywood Celebrity You Can Relate To Most: Kevin Costner

Teaching Philosophy: 

“To inspire my students to think outside Atwater and have a goal to accomplish upon completion of High School.”

Influential People (outside of family): 

     • Mr. Bob Cummings – High School Ag Teacher/Mentor Teacher”
     • Dr. Mark Zohns – Cal Poly, SLO
     • Successful “Coaches”

Philosophy in Life:

“Live it like you’re not going to be here tomorrow.”

Favorite Quotes: 

“You gotta be smarter than the tool”

“Take the time and do it right the first time, then I won’t have to make you do it over again the right way!”


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