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Ms. Shelby West

Small Engines, Exploration in Ag, and Veterinary Science Instructor
FFA, Beef and Rabbit Advisor
Novice & Advanced Parliamentary Procedure and Small Engines Judging Team Coach


  Birth Place: Modesto, CA

Hometown: Turlock, CA

Current Residence: Le Grand, CA

Family: Dogs (Jack & Grip), Rabbit (Mr. Bunny)

High School: John H. Pitman High School

Education Highlights:

Merced College
A.S. Degree in General Agriculture

California State University, Chico
B.S. Degree in Agriculture Science

Atwater High School Agriculture Instructor Since: 2013-2014 school year

Favorite Movie: "Fifth Element"

Favorite Book: " Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austin

Sports/Hobbies: Triathalons, traveling, and hiking

Favorite ("Pump-Up") Song: "Eye of the Tiger"

Favorite Quote:

"Get 'er done!"

Teaching Philosophy:

"To mold the minds of young people through my passion for agriculture and enthusiasm for life."

Influential People (outside of family):
  • Mr. Gravatt– High School Ag Teachers

  • Dr. Brad Dodson- CSU, Chico

  • Don Sinnott- Supervisor

Philosophy in Life:

“It’s just an eye, God saw it fit to place it with a spare."


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