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Environmental Horticulture


Environmental Horticulture

Required: 10th (w/ Instructor approval), 11th and 12th Grade

This course is designed to teach students basic skills used in the horticulture industry. Course content and “hands-on” learning aspects will consist of the following areas:

·                      Horticulture Industry

·                      Plant Science

·                      Plant Propagation

·                      Greenhouse Management

·                      Integrated Pest Management

·                      Container Grown Plants

·                      Landscape Design

·                      Lawn and Turfgrass Management

·                      Fruit and Vegetable Gardening

·                      Floral Designs

Course will also provide students with the opportunity to create their own plant (SAE) projects including sales and marketing of their projects through FFA plant sales.

Course is articulated for credit with Merced College and their Horticulture program.

This course meets 3rd year AHS graduation science  credit and UC/CSU “G” credit for admissions.

This course provides the student eligibility for all FFA activities throughout the year.



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