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Grace Reyes
Atwater FFA Chapter Reporter




Hometown: Winton, CA

: March 31st

Year in School
: Junior

Education / Career Goals:

College / University / Military / Trade School

Major / Area of Study

Career Goal


FFA Accomplishments: "Top 10" State Parlimentary Procedure  Finalist, Small Animal Round Robin Winner, Greenhand Degree, Chapter Farmer Degree

Agriculture SAE(s) / Projects
: Rabbits

FFA Goals
: Win State as a Parlimentary Procedure Team and encourage chapter members to try new things and expand their creativity

Favorite Movie
: "IT" and "The Mighty Ducks"

: Competitive Dance, Track, and Cross Country

Favorite (Non Ag) Subject In School
: Science

Favorite Book (of late)
: “Divergent”

Favorite Color
: Orange

Influential People
: My Grandmother

Philosophy in Life

“No matter how many plans you make or how much in control you are, life is always winging it”



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