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Audrey Esau
Atwater FFA Chapter Reporter




Hometown: Winton, CA

: August 10th

Year in School
: Junior

Education / Career Goals:

College / University / Military / Trade School
          Chico State University

Major / Area of Study
          Ag Journalism

Career Goal
          To work for the FFA New Horizon


FFA Accomplishments: Milk Quality and Dairy Foods team, Land Evaluation team, FFA Greenhand degree, and FFA Chapter degree recipient

Agriculture SAE(s) / Projects
: Market swine

FFA Goals
: To serve as an FFA president, attend upcoming state leadership conferences, and win a judging team championship.

Favorite Movie
: "Zombieland” and "3 Stooges"

: Trick riding on horses and driving draft horses

Favorite (Non Ag) Subject In School
: English

Favorite Book (of late)
: “Black Horses for the King”

Favorite Color
: Blue

Influential People
: My family and horse community

Philosophy in Life

“Life is made to explore, not waste. You only get out what you put in.”



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