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Daisy Flores
Atwater FFA Chapter Sentinel





Hometown: Winton, CA

Birthday: February 18th

Year in School: Junior

Education / Career Goals:

College / University / Military / Trade School
          UC Davis

Major / Area of Study
          Animal Science

Career Goal
          Large Animal Veterinarian

FFA Accomplishments: Serving as a chapter officer, "Outstanding Ag Leadership" award recipient, expanding my involvement, and FFA Meats Evaluation team.

Agriculture SAE(s) / Projects: TBD

FFA Goals: Raise and exhibit an animal SAE, participate in CDE state finals, and become a sectional FFA officer.

Favorite Movie: "Neighbors"

Sports/Hobbies: Tennis, reading, and babysitting

Favorite (Non Ag) Subject In School: English

Favorite Book (of late): “It's Kind of a Funny Story"

Favorite Color: Pink

Influential People: My grandpa

Philosophy in Life:

“Don't live your life through 'what ifs', live it with 'I knows'”



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