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Annual / Perennial


  Planting Zones:

14-24, H1, and H2 (“Annual” in all zones)


50-50 during hot summer




These bushy, compact plants grow as perennials in listed zones, as annuals anywhere. Dwarf (6–8-in.) and taller (10–12-in.) strains grown in garden beds or containers, producing lots of small flowers in a white-through-red range. Plants bloom from spring through fall (use as a winter annual in hottest-summer climates). Foliage can be green, red, bronze, or variegated. In mild-winter climates, can live for years. Thrive in full sun in cool-summer regions. Prefer broken shade in hotter climates, but dark-foliaged kinds will take sun if well watered.

(Sunset Western Garden Book)




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