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English Ivy

Houseplant / Ground Cover


  Planting Zones:

Houseplant / Ground Cover


Bright light, but no direct sun (house plant)
Full/partial sun for ground cover.


Keep soil moist in summer and water less during winter (houseplant)


Prune it back, if you want to keep your ivy plant to a desired length. Light pruning can be done any time of year.

Shed some light. Growing ivy with plenty of bright light will help variegated ivies to keep their color. Prune off any stems of variegated ivy that reverts to all green.


CAUTION: English ivy leaves are poisonous if eaten and it can cause skin irritation. It's a good idea to wear gloves while handling this plant.


English ivy plants can act as groundcovers, spreading horizontally and reaching 8" in height. But they are also climbers, due to their aerial rootlets, which allow them to climb to heights of 50' or more. They will eventually bear insignificant greenish flowers but are grown primarily for their evergreen leaves. In this regard, they could be classified as foliage plants, as can another popular groundcover: pachysandra.






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