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  Planting Zones:

Zones A1-A3, 1-45, H1, H2


Partial shade (morning sun)




Low-growing, bushy to spreading plants with thick, broad leaves that are slightly sticky to the touch. Flowers vary from funnel-shaped single blooms to densely double, heavily ruffled ones (like carnations). The many colors available include pure white, cream, yellow, and the whole range of reds and blues: from soft pink to deepest red, light blue to deepest purple. Bicolors and picotees are also available, as are types that have contrasting veins on the petals and kinds with fluted or fringed edges. In most climate zones, plants bloom throughout summer until frost. In Zones 12 and 13, summer heat kills them; in these areas, grow them for winter and spring color.

Hybrid Grandiflora. These hybrid plants bear the largest flowers of all petunia classes but bloom the least profusely. Sturdy plants grow 15–27 in. high and 2– 3 ft. across. Flowers are usually single, to 4 1/2 in. across, with ruffled or fringed edges; colors include pink, rose, salmon, red, scarlet, blue, white, pale yellow, and striped combinations.

(Sunset Western Garden Book)



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