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September 2016
Take-Out BBQ #1

FFA Cooks Up Successful Record BBQ Fundraiser

Over 700 BBQ tri-tip and pork loin dinners were cooked, prepared, and picked-up by various community families through the annual Atwater “FFA Take-Out BBQ” dinner. With 2500+ lbs of tri-tip, pork loin, salad, beans, and rolls packaged and sold by Atwater FFA students the BBQ dinner turned out to be a record event with the most meals ever prepared for this FFA fundraiser. “This is a win-win situation. The community gets a great tasting BBQ meal and the agriculture program benefits from the funds that will be focused directly on the students,” said FFA advisor and BBQ coordinator Natalie Borba.

This fundraiser is one of four take-out BBQ fundraisers for the Atwater FFA throughout the upcoming school year. The students sell the tickets in advance followed by the ordering of food. The Atwater FFA has worked closely with Atwater’s Smart & Final, Richwood Meats, and Costco as they have supported the program’s fundraiser every year. The morning of the BBQ, students arrive early in the morning to prepare the salads, meat, beans, and dinner bags. Throughout the day, students take a “hands-on” approach towards the preparation, cooking, and organization of all the meals. “The students are invested in this event as they put forth tremendous effort in organizing and implementing the event,” said FFA advisor and “BBQ Extraordinaire” Sam Meredith.

The “FFA Take-Out BBQ” is one of two current fundraisers for Atwater FFA.  The other current fundraiser taking place is the placemat ad sales. “All the money that is raised goes directly toward the students in providing resources and opportunities for all of them to achieve personal growth, academic success, and career objectives,” said FFA advisor Kaylyn Davenport. Over $20,000 in funds and agriculture resources is expected to be raised this school year to help support the agriculture program’s operation and activities.

The success and growth of the Atwater FFA and agriculture program is due to the continued support of the Atwater High School staff and administration, the Merced Union High School District, the Atwater Ag Boosters, and the hundreds of local community members and parents.

“We want to ensure that there is a return on the community’s investment by motivating and encouraging our students to go after their educational and career interests,” said FFA advisor Dan Flatt, “The excitement and effort we are seeing this year from our students is generating just a “taste” of what is still to come!”

Audrey Esau
Atwater FFA Reporter