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September/October 2016
FFA Fall Plant Sale

FFA Fall Plant Sale Blooms with Success

Thousands of flowering plants metal garden art were sold during the 13th annual Atwater Fall FFA Plant Sale at the Atwater High School Agriculture Department. The sale represented the growing Horticulture and Agriculture Mechanics program where “hands-on” student learning in the classroom resulted in over $2500 in revenue that will help support students and the program towards the purchase of shop and horticulture supplies and equipment for the 2016-2017 school year.

“The garden art was a huge hit with our community!” said ag mechanics instructor Sam Meredith. “We’re putting today’s technology to work and the students are developing hands-on learning skills in a high demand metal fabrication industry.”

“Our Ag Department has worked towards a vision of having a yearly student-operated horticulture program and nursery,” said FFA advisor Dave Gossman. “This sale represents the efforts of our students and the tremendous support from our school, our school district, and our community.”

The Atwater High School Horticulture is recognized by the California Nursery Growers and Garden Center (CANGC) as a certified high school horticulture program. The certification represents the quality of horticulture program, curriculum and facilities, career awareness by students in the horticulture industry, and encourages students to continue their education towards a career in horticulture. “People don’t realize that the horticulture industry is a multi-billion dollar industry in the state of California”, said Gossman, “There are numerous opportunities for students to be successful in this field of agriculture.”

Audrey Esau
Atwater FFA Reporter