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October 2016

Atwater FFA Chapter Officers Attend Local Leadership Conference

“Launch” is the 201-2017 theme for the California FFA Association as over ninety high school FFA chapter officer teams gathered at Gregori High School in Modesto for the annual Chapter Officer Leadership Conference (COLC) earlier this month.

The purpose of this conference is to prepare student leaders in the planning and implementation of their FFA and agriculture program goals for the current school year. The conference is a way for students to interact with other students and schools while learning valuable communication skills. “I had a great time getting to know other chapter and sectional officers from the central region.” said Atwater FFA Chapter President Callie Norton. “I gained new ideas towards being an effective and productive chapter officer.”

At the beginning of each school year, the Atwater FFA chapter officer team established a calendar of events, identified their goals, and also created a vision of success. With the assistance of local and state FFA members, various leadership conferences such as COLC, are held to assist students with the resources and tools needed to accomplish their tasks. “The FFA is a student run organization,” reminds Atwater FFA advisor Natalie Borba, “It’s up to the chapter officers as leaders to set the foundation, implement the game plan, and fuel the enthusiasm of their peers.”

Various presentations and workshops were delivered to assist each officer with their individual officer duties. Team building, student recruitment, and successful program of activities were also addressed. Over 600 students from Merced County up through the Sacramento area participated in the two day conference.

From these leadership opportunities, the Atwater FFA officer team was able to bring many new and exciting ideas back to the chapter. The chapter officers were also very excited to meet the new 2016-2017 State and Central Region FFA officer teams. This year’s state FFA theme “Launch” pertains to encouraging students to “launch” their academic success, personal growth, and career endeavors through the opportunities within agriculture education and the FFA. “Our officer team saw some great ideas and hope to bring the passion we felt at COLC back to Atwater.” said Atwater FFA Secretary Ana Lozano. “It’s up to you to make things happen in life.”

The Atwater FFA officers that attended were Callie Norton, President; Emily Junez, Vice President; Ana Lozano, Secretary; Joel Rojas, Treasurer; Audrey Esau, Reporter; Daisy Flores, Sentinel; and Natalie Frontella, Historian.

Audrey Esau
Atwater FFA Reporter