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October 2016
Opening and Closing Ceremonies

FFA Members Earn Public Speaking Honors

Sixty Atwater High School 9th grade FFA members along with the Atwater FFA Chapter Officer team competed in the annual Fall FFA Sectional Opening and Closing Ceremonies Contest at Gustine High School.  Over four hundred FFA members from Buhach Colony, Dos Palos, Gustine, Hilmar, Le Grand, Livingston, Los Banos, El Capitan, Pacheco, Mariposa, Merced, Delhi, and Golden Valley High Schools competed in this public speaking event.

The Atwater FFA had ten novice officer teams and one advanced officer team.  An officer team is comprised of a president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, reporter, and sentinel.  Official FFA ceremonies build pride, identity, and tradition among FFA members and chapters.  All meetings are opened and closed using ceremonies written for those purposes.  The Opening and Closing Ceremonies Contest has students recite the responsibilities and duties of their respected office.  Each team was scored and evaluated by a team of judges in areas that included memorization, delivery, posture, poise, uniform, and team behavior. The contest was also an opportunity for students to meet other FFA members from the other schools in the Merced- Mariposa Section.           

The results and student participants from Atwater High School were: Advanced Officer Team (Gold) – President, Callie Norton; Vice President, Emily Junez; Secretary, Ana Lozano; Treasurer, Joel Rojas; Reporter, Audrey Esau; and Sentinel, Daisy Flores;  Atwater Team “1” (Gold ) Vanessa Garcia, Litzy Suastigui, Lizbeth Gudino, Sofia Solorio, Sindi Thor, Flor Agundis ; Atwater Team “2” (Silver) Sabrina Lopez, Viviana Cebrero, Yesenia Becerra, Leslie Valencia, Erica Cruz, Fatima Agundis; Atwater Team “3” (Gold)Daisy Flores – Mota, Nikel Barcenas, Ben Zuniga, Ethan Garcia; Atwater Team “4” (GoldSolenne Guerrero, Micheal Bray, Arturo Valdovinos, Aleesha McDow, Luz Denise Soto, Connor Hill; Atwater Team “5” (Gold) Laker Gonzales, Vanessa Varela, Mariah Castro Delgado, Tyler Keike, Anthony Vargas, Christian Mendoza; Atwater Team “6” (Gold)Jared Mooneyham, Marcos Peralta, Manual Magana, Rosa Arellano, Stephanie Angiano, John Watters; Atwater Team “7” (Gold) Yesenia Fuller Torres, Mikael Orozco, Gabriela Gamble, Alexis Masasso, Ajanea Barnes, Richard Dela Rosa; Atwater Team “8” (Gold) Shaila Ortiz, Alyssa Carrillo, Josue Fermin, Emmanuel Mejia, Felicity Garcia, Mayraedith Alvarez; Atwater Team “9”(Gold) Hayley Vargas, Sophia Rhoades, Camryn Crampton, Yesenia Becerra, Brian Urzua, Francisco Lua ; Atwater Team “10” ( Gold ) Hannah Prewett, Maria Gabriel, Marissa Nuno, Evelyn Inguez, Abby Wilson, Aileen Moreno.  

Students who were recognized with “Outstanding Officer” awards included Daisy Flores-Mota, Gabriela Gamble, Richard Dela Rosa, Emmanuel Mejia, Mayraedith Alvarez, and Marissa Nuno.

“I’ve never experienced anything like the Opening and Closing Ceremonies Contest” said Atwater FFA member Gabriela Gamble, “I was still really nervous, but it ended up being a lot of fun and an experience that I will never forget.”

“The students were nervous and anxious prior to the contest, however they really showed their courage and enthusiasm at the event,” said FFA Advisor Kim Macintosh. “It was a tremendous opportunity and experience for the students as public speaking and communication is recognized as an important and valuable skill in one’s education and future career.”

Audrey Esau
Atwater FFA Reporter