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November 2016
Greenhand / Chapter Degree Ceremony

FFA Students Earn Their FFA Degrees

The Atwater FFA Chapter held its 38th annual Greenhand - Chapter FFA Degree Ceremony earlier this month at Atwater High School. The purpose of this annual event was to recognize over 600 AHS agriculture students who earned their FFA Greenhand and Chapter FFA degrees. As students advance in FFA and their agricultural education, they can earn a series of “degrees” that represent their accomplishments. Each FFA degree recognizes a student’s progress in leadership, agricultural education, and their supervised agricultural experience (SAE) program which represent(s) an ownership and/or work experience project(s) in agriculture.

Over 350 students, family, and friends attended this special event. Atwater FFA Chapter President, Callie Norton opened the meeting and welcomed students, parents, and guests to the ceremony. In addition to the presentation of the FFA degrees, the 2016-2017 FFA Greenhand officer team was announced with Daisy Flores-Mota (President), Michael Bray (Vice President), Marissa Nuno (Secretary), Ammanuel Mejia (Treasurer), Litzy Saustigui (Reporter), Flor Agundis (Sentinel), Lilia Garcia (Historian), and Colby Flatt (Parliamentarian) elected to Greenhand office. A slide show of the students who earned their degrees was presented along with a musical slide show of the numerous FFA activities that students have taken part in so far this year.

Two hundred and thirty six FFA Greenhand degrees were eligible to be awarded with and a bronze pin to first year agriculture students. Requirements of this degree include enrollment in an agriculture class, plans for an SAE program or project, and knowledge and understanding of the FFA organization. Two hundred seventy two FFA Chapter Farmer degrees were eligible to be awarded with a silver pin to second year agriculture students. Requirements for this degree include being an FFA member for at least one year, being active in a SAE program or project, involvement in group discussions and parliamentary law, progress toward individual achievement in the FFA awards program, and a satisfactory scholastic record.

The Atwater FFA advisors are committed to building a strong program that gets students involved and providing them with opportunities for scholastic achievement, personal growth, and career success. Although not every student is planning to pursue an education and career directly related to agriculture, the AHS Agriculture Program and FFA provides students the opportunity to gain valuable skills and experience that will benefit ANY educational path and career.

“We provide our students with opportunities to grow and develop personally, academically, and professionally,” says FFA advisor Natalie Borba, “We challenge our students to take advantage of those opportunities and pursue their interests towards colleges, universities, and a successful career.”

Audrey Esau
Atwater FFA Reporter