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December 2016
FFA "Morning Wave" Meeting

Atwater FFA “Waves” in the Holiday Season

During the last week of the 1st semester, just before the Christmas break, over 200 Atwater FFA students braved the cold weather and gathered at the Ag Department for the annual “Morning Wave” at 6:30 am. The idea was created by FFA advisor Dave Gossman who, while residing in Bermuda in the late 1990’s, was inspired by the country’s famous Johnny Barnes who stands at the road leading into the city of Hamilton every weekday morning (rain or shine) to wave and greet everyone driving into work.

For the past fourteen years, the Atwater FFA utilizes its December FFA meeting as a way to gather and socialize over hot chocolate, hot cider, and doughnuts and proceed to the main corner of the school to greet, wave, and wish everyone a “Happy Holiday” season.

“It’s been a great tradition,” said FFA advisor Sam Meredith, “The best part is seeing the smile and enthusiasm on the passerby’s driving in their vehicles. I think we make their day!”

Audrey Esau
Atwater FFA Reporter