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August 2016
FFA Leadershp Retreat

Atwater FFA Prepares for Upcoming School Year

“Many Roads – One Journey” was selected as the 2016-2017 Atwater FFA theme as advisors and chapter officers gathered in Pismo Beach for the annual Atwater FFA Chapter Officer Leadership Retreat. The primary goals of the three day retreat was to plan the calendar, identify yearly objectives to help strengthen and continue the growth of its members and program, and strengthen team building skills.

“Our officer team starts the school year with focus, vision, and enthusiasm in leading their organization and our students,” said FFA advisor Natalie Borba. This year’s officer team hopes to encourage leadership, expand personal success, increase participation from current members, and strengthen recruitment of new members. “This year’s theme represents the various roads and paths students can take within agriculture education and the FFA towards a journey of academic success, personal growth, leadership, and career exploration,” said Atwater FFA President Callie Norton.

Leadership retreat highlights included visiting Vista Lago Adventure Park at Lake Lopez for zip line adventure and kayaking in the Morro Bay estuary. For most of the students, this was a new experience in facing and overcoming fears (zip lining and ropes course), building confidence, and team building. “This was the highlight of the trip,” said FFA officer Kelsi Kamesch. “The opportunity to team up with a partner and work together, combined with the challenges of the ropes and zip lining course, made for a tremendous experience I will never forget!”

The Atwater High School agriculture program has been recognized as one of the state’s most productive agriculture programs by the California Agricultural Teacher’s Association (CATA) and the national Association of Agriculture Educators (NAAE). “We have tremendous support from our school administration, school district, and our community in supporting FFA and agriculture education as a way to get students involved and provide individuals with purpose, direction and self-confidence in life,” said agriculture instructor and FFA advisor Kaylyn Davenport.

The new officer team is looking forward to the challenges and rewards that the upcoming 2016-2017 school year holds for them. This year’s officer team includes Callie Norton, President; Emily Junez, Vice President; Ana Lozano, Secretary; Joel Rojas, Treasurer; Audrey Esau, Reporter; Daisy Flores, Sentinel; and Natalie Frontella, Historian. In addition to the Atwater FFA chapter officers, three other Atwater FFA members (Jasmine Flores, Kelsi Kamesch, and Jeff Clark) joined the leadership retreat as they will be serving as sectional and regional FFA officers within the California FFA Association.

Audrey Esau
Atwater FFA Reporter