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February 2017
Chico State Parli Pro Workshop & Contest

Atwater FFA Parli Pro Team Excelling Towards Section Finals

Nearly thirty novice and advanced parliamentary procedure teams representing high schools throughout California have gathered at Chico State University and Atwater High School the past few weeks to compete at state FFA parliamentary procedure contests. The Atwater FFA Advanced Parliamentary Procedure team made it to the Finals at Chico State and placed 3rd at the Atwater High School Invitational with senior Daryl Dorsey earning the Advanced Chairman award. Atwater High School’s Amanjot Gandhoke and Callie Norton were also recognized as “High Chairs”. The Atwater FFA Novice Parliamentary Procedure team placed 4th overall at Chico State University and 3rd overall at the Atwater High School Invitational. “The students continue to develop and strengthen their skills through their hard work, effort, and participation at state contests,” said FFA advisor Shelby West. “They are forcused on the upcoming sectional and regional finals with a goal of qualifying for the state finals in April.”

Parliamentary procedure is a set of rules, ethics, and customs governing meetings of clubs, organizations, legislative bodies, and other deliberative assemblies. FFA students throughout California participate in various parliamentary procedure contests where students demonstrate their public speaking, understanding, and implementation of skills.

“This is an opportunity to get students involved in an application that develops and strengthens public speaking, critical thinking, and leadership skills that can be applied towards any academic and career endeavor,” said West.

Atwater High School’s student involvement within the expanded agriculture program continues to grow. “Our goal is to continue to encourage students to explore, participate, and be engaged in opportunities that focus on college and career related skills”, said West. “It’s all about providing opportunities for students to enhance their personal growth, academic success, and career development.”

Students who competed on the team included (Advanced) Daryl Dorsey, Dayana Argueta, Amanjot Gandhoke, Jeff Clark, Courtney Creighton, Callie Norton, Paige Brigham, Natalie Frontella, Alyssa Carrillo, Cristal Venegas, Micheal Bray, Itzel Chavez, Hayley Vargas, Emmanuel Mejia, Stephanie Aguanui, and Vanessa Varela. The team will be heading to the UC Davis Parliamentary Procedure Invitational on March 3rd to compete as a final preparation towards the sectional, regional, and state final competition beginning next week.

Audrey Esau
Atwater FFA Reporter