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March 2017
Merced College FFA Field Day

Atwater FFA Sweeps Merced College FFA Field Day

Atwater FFA members joined over 1400 registered agriculture high school students throughout California at the Merced College Field Day on March 18th and earned the school “Sweepstakes” award for the top competing high school. Atwater FFA had a Nursery and Landscape, Land Evaluation, Milk Quality and Dairy Foods, Agriculture Mechanics, and Small Engines team compete against nearly one hundred other attending high schools.

“Our students continue to take advantage of opportunities to be successful personally, academically, and towards their future endeavors.” said Atwater FFA Advisor Sam Meredith, “The opportunity FFA and career development events that are organized by various colleges and universities such as Merced College, provide students a tremendous opportunity to grow and develop personally and academically.”

The Atwater FFA Nursery and Landscape team of Daryl Dorsey (1st overall), Dayana Argueta (2rd overall), Jeff Clark (3rd overall), and Amajot Gandhoke placed 1st overall in a contest that involves demonstrated knowledge and skills in their plant identification, plant selection & evaluation, transplanting, and written exam on all aspects of horticulture and the horticulture industry

The Atwater FFA Ag Mechanics team of Nathaniel Cavallero (5th overall), Justin Sorginson, Joel Rojas, Eric Favela, and Daisy Flores-Mota placed 2nd overall in a contest involving hands on application skills in woodworking, electrical, oxy-fuel welding & cutting skills, tool identification, and a written exam on all aspects of agriculture mechanics.

The Atwater FFA 3rd place Land Evaluation and Soils team included Katelyn Baptista (1st overall), Jose Ruiz (5th overall), Audrey Esau, Michael Bray, Arturo Valdovinos, Jerrod Nickerson, and Ethan Garcia. The contest involves the evaluation and interpretation of soils and soil profiles. Students analyze various soil pits and determine soil texture, water holding capacity, and erosion characteristics while associated the data with agriculture applications.

The Atwater FFA 7th place Milk Quality and Dairy Foods was composed of Callie Norton, Luke van Warmerdam, Kendyll Cruz, and Natalie Frontella. Other participants included Anessa Cardenas, Joeseph Hayward, Melissa Carrillo, and Natalie Gutierrez. The contest involves milk quality evaluation, milk fat identification, cheese identification, “real vs imitation” dairy products, and a written exam pertaining to the dairy industry.

The Atwater FFA Small Engines team of Blake Brigham, Ricky Ortega, and Zion Brigham placed 7th overall in a contest that challenges students with their skills and knowledge in small engine tool and part identification, engine theory, problem solving, and hands-on engine troubleshooting and repair.

The next FFA Field Day competition is on Saturday, March 25th at Modesto Junior College with over 2000 high school agriculture students scheduled to compete from all over California in various hands-on application and critical thinking skills.

Audrey Esau
Atwater FFA Reporter