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March 2017
Modesto Junior College FFA Field Day

Atwater FFA Sweeps Modesto Junior College Field Day Competition

The Atwater High School FFA judging teams earned the Modesto Junior College FFA Field Day Sweepstakes Award with seven individual Career Development Event teams competing and the annual MJC FFA Field Day on March 25th. Over 2400 high school agriculture students representing over 100 high schools across the State of California participated in the 65th annual FFA Field Day in various agriculture skills and application contests.  The Nursery & Landscape team led the pack with 1st place team finish with the Atwater FFA Agronomy (2rd overall), Ag Mechanics (2nd overall), Poultry (3rd overall), Milk Quality and Dairy Foods (6th overall), Small Engines (8th overall), and Floriculture teams adding to a productive and strong showing during the event.

The Atwater FFA Nursery and Landscape team of Daryl Dorsey (1st high individual), Jeff Clark (2nd high individual), and Amajot Gandhoke placed 1st overall in a contest that involves demonstrated knowledge and skills in their plant identification, plant selection & evaluation, transplanting, and written exam on all aspects of horticulture and the horticulture industry.

The Atwater FFA Agronomy judging team of Jasmine Flores (5th high individual), Belinda Espinoza, Dillon Guillen, and Kelsi Kamesch placed 2ndoverall in a contest that involves the study field crops and weeds with students responsible for the identification of nearly 200 crops and plants, seed, bean, and hay evaluation, and an oral presentation pertaining to their evaluations.

The Atwater FFA Ag Mechanics team of Nathaniel Cavallero (2nd high individual), Daniel Mesa, Eric Favela, and Justin Sarginson placed 2nd overall in a contest involving hands on application skills in woodworking, electrical, oxy-fuel welding & cutting skills, tool identification, and a written exam on all aspects of agriculture mechanics.

The Atwater FFA Poultry team of Sayra Ramos (4th high individual), Ana Lozano, Briana Diaz, Alfredo Elizarrarraz, and Stefanie Anguiano placed 3rd high team overall in a contest that blends practical hands-on experiences with a basic knowledge of the poultry industry required for careers in the poultry field.

The Atwater FFA Milks Quality and Dairy Foods team of Callie Norton, Luke van Warmerdam, Kendyll Cruz, Natalie Frontella, and Natalie Gutierrez placed 6th overall in a contest where students demonstrate their knowledge and skills in milk quality (tasting), cheese identification, real vs imitation dairy foods, and a written exam on the dairy industry.

The Atwater FFA Small Engines team of Ricardo Ortega, Zion Brigham, Matthew Rogers, and Madison Hall placed 8th overall in a contest that challenges students with their skills and knowledge in small engine tool and part identification, engine theory, problem solving, and hands-on engine troubleshooting and repair.

The Atwater FFA Floriculture team of Samantha Theodozio, Ariana Freitas, Arely Venegas, Marissa Nuno completed a strong finish overall in a contest that involves plant identification, application of “hands-on” floral arrangements, and industry related floral skills.

The Modesto Junior College FFA Field Day is designed to showcase students’ “hands-on” and technical skills in various agriculture related fields. “Students apply their knowledge and skills learned in the classroom in real-life job skill environments,” said FFA advisor Sam Meredith. “We have a group of students that take tremendous pride towards their work ethic and skill development in a variety of agricultural related skills and occupations.” The FFA judging competitions continue with Reedley College, Cosumnes River College, Fresno State University, and Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo scheduled in the coming two months.

Audrey Esau
Atwater FFA Reporter