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August 2016
Horticuture - Transplanting

Atwater High School Agriculture Students Plant Towards Success

For hundreds of high school agriculture students, the opportunity to go outside and apply what they learned in the classroom into applicable “hands-on” learning is a highlight for the school day. With agriculture education and the FFA, that opportunity is a regular routine. With the start of school comes the start of the fall season which coordinates with the annual Atwater FFA Fall Plant Sale on September 30th and October 1st. Students from the Exploration in Agriculture, Ag Earth Science and Horticulture classes got the opportunity to apply their knowledge and help transplant thousands of plant plugs. “In about six weeks, the plants will be mature and flowering for the plant sale”, said FFA advisor Dave Gossman. “Seeing the evolution of students wondering why they are transplanting and seeing the pride in their faces when they see the results of their hard work is what is the most rewarding aspect of this project is.”

Thousands of plant plugs came from industry leaders First Step Greenhouses and Headstart Nursery where students take trays of young plant plugs and transplant them into larger growing containers that will be offered for the community and their horticulture needs during the upcoming FFA plant sale in September/October. “I enjoy the opportunity to learn about things outdoors and get my hands dirty!” stated sophomore student Anthony Chavez.

Getting students involved and excited about agriculture is the philosophy behind the Atwater High School Agriculture program. “We guarantee our students that if they take advantage of the opportunities and resources agricultural education and FFA provides, they will gain skills and resources that will assist them in being successful towards any educational and career goals they have”, said agriculture instructor Shelby West.

Indirectly, the experience is teaching the students teamwork, organization, and the rewards of hard work. Students gain personal pride in seeing the results of their hard work. “Pride extends to personal confidence, and with confidence comes productivity and a drive towards personal, educational, and career success”, said Gossman.

Audrey Esau
Atwater FFA Reporter