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August 2016
FFA Ice Cream Social

Hundreds Attend FFA Ice Cream Social

Over 400 Atwater High School agriculture students and FFA members participated in the annual FFA Ice Cream Social FFA meeting last week. The purpose of this events was to promote the high school’s agriculture program and the numerous academic, personal growth, leadership, and social activities and events scheduled for the upcoming school year.

Later this week, Atwater High School will have over twenty active club and youth organizations on display with the annual high school Club Rush and Food Faire with students promoting various clubs and organizations that get kids involved outside the classroom. The event is organized by the Atwater High School Leadership class. Some of the highlighted clubs/organizations included Asian Youth Club, Art, Band, Chess Club, Choir, Drama, DECA/ROP, FCA, FFA, GSA, Hip Hop Academy, Interact, Images and Vision, Key Club, Leadership, Link Crew, Percussion.

“The Ice Cream Social was a tremendous turnout overall, with many students engaged and interested in FFA activities,” said Atwater High School FFA Advisor Natalie Borba. “We feel the event is especially valuable for the new 9th grade students as it helps them get connected with AHS and the agriculture program.”

Audrey Esau
Atwater FFA Reporter