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September 2016
Atwater FFA "Pool Party" Meeting

FFA Meeting and School Club Rush Is A Splash Hit

Over 250+ Atwater High School agriculture students attended the school year’s first official FFA chapter meeting. The Atwater FFA “Pool Party” meeting was held in the school cafeteria on Friday, September 9th with the 2016-2017 FFA Chapter Officers performing the official FFA Opening and Closing Ceremonies. Once the business portion of the meeting concluded, students were treated with a complimentary BBQ and swimming at the AHS pool.

The chapter meeting consisted of committee reports which included the chapter’s Placement Ad fundraiser with Garrett Creighton informing the students that over $4000 has been raised thus far.  “This fundraiser is always very successful due to the tremendous support of the community,” said Atwater FFA Chapter Sentinel Daisy Flores. “We are very privileged to have the support of the people in our local community.”  AHS junior Belinda Espinoza provided an update of the FFA Homecoming Float committee. This year’s AHS Homecoming theme is “Pixar”. “This year’s theme is going to be a lot of fun to work with,” said Float Committee Chair Audrey Esau. “We are all looking forward to working together as a team and building this float!” Other items discussed on the agenda included announcements pertaining to the annual Take-Out BBQ, the FFA Fall Plant Sale, the FFA Greenhand Leadership Conference, upcoming football game BBQ crews, FFA Opening and Closing Ceremonies contest, and the annual FFA Corn Maze meeting. 

A free BBQ dinner was served to all of the students who attended following the meeting. “The FFA organization is a student run organization,” said FFA advisor Kaylyn Davenport. “The students prepared, cooked, and served all the food for the meeting and they take pride in being on the BBQ team.”

The highlight of the school year’s first meeting was the swimming pool. “The meeting was a lot of fun,” said senior Madison Hall. “I am very excited to get involved with the FFA.”  The Atwater FFA conducts monthly meetings that are organized, prepared, and run by the FFA chapter officers and the high school’s Ag Leadership class. “It’s great to see students pull together and work as a team in putting together such an exciting event,” said FFA advisor Natalie Borba. 

Atwater FFA Chapter Vice President, Emily Junez best summarized the atmosphere best when he said, “FFA is a positive organization to get involved with because it is lots of fun, it keeps you interested, and everybody is a family.”

Earlier in the day, over 1800 Atwater High School students participated in the annual Club Rush and Food Faire. The purpose of this event was to promote and recruit programs, events, and students to the numerous activities and opportunities available at Atwater High School

With over twenty active club and youth organizations at the high school, students created various promotional activities in the quad during lunch. The event was organization by the Atwater High School Leadership class. Some of the highlighted clubs/organizations included Asian Youth Club, Art, Band, Chess Club, Choir, Drama, DECA/ROP, FCA, FFA, GSA, Hip Hop Academy, Interact, Images and Vision, Key Club, Leadership, Link Crew, Percussion.

“It was a great turnout overall, with a lot of kids having fun with genuine school spirit” said Atwater High School Director of Activities Nathan Braga. “We feel it is especially valuable for the new 9th grade students as it helps them get connected with AHS.”

Audrey Esau
Atwater FFA Reporter